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Green Bay WI


Space Pups Finally Framed

Natalee Wegmann

I finally got the Space Pups piece framed with a matte. I cannot tell you how much a matte adds that bit of polish to your piece.  I am so excited to give this piece to the person I made this for.  I know she will love it. 

On a side note:  I went to Michael's to get this piece a matte.  This matte there was going to cost $65.40 and two weeks to finish.  Which is crazy!!  I decided to check out Hobby Lobby.  This matte cost me $10.00 and it was done in 5 mins.  Stark difference.  I am so glad I drove around to see if the cost was different.  Don't always settle on the price people tell you.  Look around and see what else is out there.