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Green Bay WI


Space Pups Finally Framed

Natalee Wegmann

I finally got the Space Pups piece framed with a matte. I cannot tell you how much a matte adds that bit of polish to your piece.  I am so excited to give this piece to the person I made this for.  I know she will love it. 

On a side note:  I went to Michael's to get this piece a matte.  This matte there was going to cost $65.40 and two weeks to finish.  Which is crazy!!  I decided to check out Hobby Lobby.  This matte cost me $10.00 and it was done in 5 mins.  Stark difference.  I am so glad I drove around to see if the cost was different.  Don't always settle on the price people tell you.  Look around and see what else is out there. 

Mother's Day Cards

Natalee Wegmann

I finally got the Mother's Day Cards I created back from the printer.  They are available on at my etsy shop for sale:

Prairie Dawn Business Cards

Natalee Wegmann

I finally finished the business cards for Prairie Dawn Landscaping.  I love how they turned out.  It is always fun to paint little tiny tools, bees, flowers.  I love projects like this one.

Ready to Start Gluing

Natalee Wegmann

I have all the pieces painted for the Prairie Dawn Landscaping business cards.  I am going to start gluing tomorrow.  Then it is time to take some pictures.  :)  Can't wait to show off the end product. 

Praire Dawn Garden Project

Natalee Wegmann

I just started a new project.  I am creating business cards for the company Prairie Dawn Landscaping.   I love painting on miniatures so this is right up my alley.    Here is the starting of that project.  Next I will start to paint the highlights and shadows on everything. 

Thank You Cards

Natalee Wegmann

I finally finished my Thank You card designs.  I created them out of paper...of course.  :)  This was more of a personal project to thank everyone that helped us move and with our wedding.  I can't wait to send them to my family and friends. 

McAllen Tx!!

Natalee Wegmann

So I am officially settled in McAllen Tx.  Loving the warm weather already!!  Missing all my Green Bay Wi friends though.  On to more exciting things.  I am currently a bit behind because of the move but I am finishing up my Zombie Valentines.  I will be posting the final pictures soon. 

I'm officially on Etsy

Natalee Wegmann

I took the plunge after signing up for Society 6 and also opened an Etsy shop.  Feel free to check out my stuff:

Not much in there but definitely more to come.

Society 6 here I come!!

Natalee Wegmann

So I finally took the plunge and added two of my favorite pieces of cut-out art to Society 6.  I don't know why it took me this long.  The process on Society 6 to sell your art is painless and exciting.  Here is the link to my work: